Trinity Tooling Technologies Solutions at work!

Trinity Tooling Technologies (TTT) has over 110 years in precision component parts manufacturing with a special emphasis on gears for aerospace and automotive applications. We are well versed in many areas, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Equipment (agriculture, mining and truck). TTT has provided equipment solutions for components used in powertrain, and drivetrain applications as well as many other precision parts: Gears, Fasteners, Braking and Steering and Suspension systems.

TTT represents manufacturers of leading technologies in metal removal, straightening, balancing, sorting, gaging and traceability. Metal removal processes include Broaching, Grinding, Hobbing, Shaping, Gashing, Lapping and Spline Rolling. Gaging and traceability include High Speed Sorting, Fixture Gaging, Analytical Gear measurement and Part Marking (laser and dot peen).

Trinity Tooling uses it’s many years of experience in manufacturing to bring you the best and most cost effective solutions for your part making needs.